MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review

marketingblocks 2.0 Review and Oto's

MarketingBlocks is a cloud-based all-in-one AI app that generates online business assets using just a keyword. You or your clients only need to provide a keyword, and the software will do the rest without any need for technical or design expertise. This saves you from the high costs of complicated tools or hiring freelancers and agencies. MarketingBlocks 2.0 now comes with one main product and five additional offers (OTO’s). The main product, known as MarketingBlocks, is accompanied by the following OTO’s: MarketingBlocks Unlimited, MarketingBlocks Agency, MarketingBlocks Art Blocks, MarketingBlocks AI Traffic, and MarketingBlocks Authority Builder. Purchasing this product also grants you access to a plethora of bonuses from the seller. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and get MarketingBlocks by clicking the link below.

Find all the information about the MarketingBlocks 2.0 bundle, including the main product and all its additional offers (OTO’s), below:

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review

1) The MarketingBlocks Bundle Offer

The MarketingBlocks Bundle is a cost-effective way to get access to the main product and all its additional offers (OTO’s). You can get the entire funnel, including all the upsells and OTO’s, for a one-time price of $297. The bundle includes the main product, MarketingBlocks, MarketingBlocks Unlimited Access, MarketingBlocks Pro + Brand Removal, ArtBlocks, MarketingBlocks Done For You Consultancy Package + Unlock Team & Client Access, MarketingBlocks AI Authority Boost, and a selection of bonuses. Additionally, take advantage of the “MB50” coupon code for an extra $50 savings.

2) FE: MarketingBlocks

Summary of the benefits included in the main product:

  • 10 projects
  • 40,000-word credits
  • AI-powered landing page builder
  • AI copywriting tool
  • AI graphics editor
  • AI voiceover app
  • AI video creation feature
  • 100 uses of AI background remover
  • Long-form writing tool
  • AI email writer
  • Unlimited access to AI stock media
  • Translation in 120+ languages
  • MarketingBlocks Academy
  • One-on-one live consultation via Zoom
  • Weekly training and Skype mentorship
  • Priority VIP support
  • Fast action bonuses
  • Commercial license included
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.”

3) OTO 1: MarketingBlocks Unlimited

Summary of the benefits of this upgrade:

  • Removal of branding from all assets
  • Unlimited campaign creation
  • Unlimited landing page creation
  • Unlimited ad creation
  • Unlimited marketing copy creation
  • Unlimited promo video creation
  • Unlimited email swipe creation
  • Unlimited voiceover creation
  • Unlimited graphic design
  • Unlimited projects to sell
  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited offers
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Premium VIP support
  • 100 uses of AI image colorizer
  • 30 uses of AI graphics animator
  • 100 uses of AI image eraser tool
  • Bonus tool #4 with a big surprise
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

4) OTO 2: MarketingBlocks Consultancy Package + Client Access.

Summary of the benefits of this upgrade: 

  • Launch a Marketing Consultancy Business
  • Provide Clients or Team Members with Access
  • Pre-made Website for Marketing Consultancy Services
  • Professional Proposal Templates
  • Effective Cold Email Campaign
  • Telemarketing Scripts for Video Services
  • Commercial Graphic Templates for Video Services
  • Ready-made Facebook Ads
  • Pre-designed Web Banners and Google Ads
  • Legal Contract Reviewed by a Lawyer
  • Agency Dashboard with Multi-User Access
  • Bonus Offers Included
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

5) OTO 3: MarketingBlocks ArtBlocks

Summary of the benefits of this upgrade: 

  • Gain access to unique and eye-catching images that will effectively engage and convert your audience
  • Generate custom images for your stock, art, NFTs, YouTube thumbnails, social posts, blogs, and more
  • Save money and time by utilizing an A.I. powered software that is 20 times cheaper and 50 times faster than human counterparts
  • Gain full ownership and agency rights, allowing you to use the images in your business or sell to clients for profit.

6) OTO 4: A.I Traffic

With This Upgrade, You Will Receive:

  • Content that is Guaranteed to Rank
  • Discover the Headings and Questions for High-Ranking Content
  • Preview Titles, Headings, and Summaries
  • Generate Paragraphs with AI Writing Assistance
  • Automatically Generate Meta Tags
  • Publish on Unlimited Social Media Platforms and Websites
  • Unlimited Sales Potential
  • Profit Without Limits
  • Comprehensive Training and Video Tutorials
  • Commercial License to Sell Guaranteed-to-Rank Content to Clients and Customers
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

7) OTO 5: MarketingBlocks Authority Builder

With This Upgrade You Will Receive the:

  • Automated Reply System for Quora & Facebook Groups
  • Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Websites/Pages
  • Attract Quality Leads Eager to Purchase Your Products/Services
  • Enhance Your Brand Visibility on Google without SEO
  • Get Free (Organic) Traffic
  • Establish Trust and Authority in Your Niche
  • Eliminate the Time and Cost of Manually Building the Authority
  • Unique Features for a One-Time Offer
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

MarketingBlocks 2.0 User Review - What Are People Saying About the App?

Jasper: “MarketingBlocks has the best and most natural-sounding text-to-speech engine I’ve come across. You can barely tell the difference from a real human voiceover.”

Ron: “I told Ifiok, each of these apps, the A.I. video creator, the A.I. landing page creator, and the A.I. voiceover creator, can be launched individually and still perform well. There is no other app that creates such high-converting assets from just a keyword.”

Kelvin: “MarketingBlocks has a clean page layout, the copy is spot on, and the graphics are eye-catching and relevant. But the ease of customization stood out to me the most. The AI rewrites copy for any section, making MarketingBlocks a real powerhouse.”

Matilda: “I’ve already closed $3k in deals just 11 days after starting to use this super AI technology. MarketingBlocks does most of the work, with just a few minutes of fine-tuning needed from my end for each client. This is the closest thing to making free money I’ve ever seen.”

MarketingBlocks 2.0 - Unwavering Trust and Confidence

If you’re hesitant to try out MarketingBlocks due to past experiences, we understand and want to give you the opportunity to fully experience our product. That’s why we offer a 30-day trial period, so you can test out all of our features and see just how amazing MarketingBlocks really is. Our goal is to build a relationship based on trust, and for you to have complete confidence in our product. If for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the results, simply let us know and we will promptly issue a full refund.

MarketingBlocks 2.0 - Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Restrictions of the License?

Your license is limited depending on the plan you choose. With the standard license, you can create up to 20 projects with a total of 50 pages, 50 promotional videos, 500 graphics, 100,000 character voiceovers, 40,000 words, 100 background removals, and unlimited access to stock media. However, the Unlimited upgrade, which is available on the next page, offers unlimited projects and words.

Q. How Can I Receive Assistance?

You can reach out to us via email or live chat, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Q. Do I Need to Install Any Software for MarketingBlocks 2.0?

No, there is no need for any software installations. MarketingBlocks is fully cloud-based, so you can generate content anywhere, anytime.

Q. Is There a Guarantee Policy?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply send us an email within 30 days of your purchase, and we will refund your money in full.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my article about MarketingBlocks 2.0. I hope I have given you a comprehensive overview of this incredible product. The choice is now yours to make. Wishing you the best of luck and I look forward to my next article!

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